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Feeling like having a dark coffee?

Café Foncé is roasted near you,
in small quantities to ensure exceptional freshness.

always fresh coffee

faster turnaround

thicker crema

The Dark

Starting at 19$

We made this coffee for you, the unpretentious coffee lover, who just wants to drink his cup in the morning before going to work.

A coffee that everyone can enjoy. Even Grandpa Roger, who has been drinking his black coffee since the 1930s.


There's no way our coffee's gonna sit on a shelf for three months before it reaches your cup.

Our beans are selected, transported, then roasted in small quantities and bagged just a few days before they end up on your doorstep.

Dark Warranty

If you don't like it, you can request a refund without question within 60 days of purchase!


Known to be a rather aromatic bean, it knows how to take its place by having a full-bodied and chocolaty taste.


This bean, which stands out for its acidity and fruity taste, adds a softer touch to our blend.


The basis of the Dark Coffee blend.
This bean brings consistency and body to our recipe, for a thicker crema that will please all latte artfanatics.


Café Foncé is now part of my morning routine, its perfectly tangy taste and creamy crema make for an extraordinary taste experience!


Once ground you can smell the fruit and chocolate aromas, it smells so good! Thank you for helping me discover my new favorite coffee! 👍🏼


Very tasty and robust, but not bitter. A velvety taste and a strong and delicious aroma!


Our precious clients