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Feeling like having a dark coffee?

Café Foncé is roasted near you,
in small quantities to ensure exceptional freshness.

always fresh coffee

faster turnaround

thicker crema


There's no way our coffee's gonna sit on a shelf for three months before it reaches your cup.

Our beans are selected, transported, then roasted in small quantities and bagged just a few days before they end up on your doorstep.


Café Foncé is now part of my morning routine, its perfectly tangy taste and creamy crema make for an extraordinary taste experience!


Once ground you can smell the fruit and chocolate aromas, it smells so good! Thank you for helping me discover my new favorite coffee! 👍🏼


Very tasty and robust, but not bitter. A velvety taste and a strong and delicious aroma!


Our Mission

Café Foncé is an independent coffee brand that stands out for its taste, reminiscent of the first coffees served in Quebec. A strong coffee that wakes you up, that has punch!

Who are we?

"We want to bring the dark coffee back in your favorite cup."

On the road, at home, the watchword is accessibility. An uncomplicated coffee that you can make in your favorite Chemex, or espresso to make a nice, rich, smooth cappuccino.

A taste that remains consistent, so that each cup is as delicious as the last.

Café Foncé also makes it a point of honour to showcase coffee producers who are passionate about their product, often harvested on a human scale and under very high quality standards.


Known to be a rather aromatic bean, it knows how to take its place by having a full-bodied and chocolaty taste.


This bean, which stands out for its acidity and fruity taste, adds a softer touch to our blend.


The basis of the Dark Coffee blend.
This bean brings consistency and body to our recipe, for a thicker crema that will please all latte artfanatics.

The roasting steps.

Our preparation process, from the fruit on the tree to your favorite cup. Transparency and know-how; that's what we want to share with you.

  • Step 1 - The search for the perfect bean

    The search for the perfect grain. For good coffee, you need good beans.
    For exceptional coffee, we look for the best beans and create a balanced blend that will appeal to lovers of locally roasted coffee.
    We talk to the producers, the real humans behind the product who use methods that are environmentally and worker friendly.

  • Step 2 - Routing

    The green grain is sent by boat, previously dried in its place of origin.
    Our team will pick it up at the drop-off point and the adventure begins.
    The product will be weighed, analysed and prepared for cooking in the roaster.

  • Step 3 - Roasting (the fun begins!)

    The cooking of the grains begins. This is a key step in which the coffee beans are cooked while they are still green and tasteless, until a nice dark brown colour is obtained.
    Roasting is a chemical process that causes various reactions that are significant for the bean.
    The starting point is a green bean, then yellowing occurs: the bean becomes more yellowish and the aromas begin to emerge.

  • Step 4 - The first crunch (our favorite moment!)

    The grain becomes drier, browner and you hear a satisfying crack. Another key moment in the roasting process.
    This means that almost all the moisture has been removed from the bean.
    The coffee could be enjoyed at this point in the roasting process, but at Café Foncé we prefer to heat it to a higher temperature. We love a dark roast.

  • Step 5 - 223°C

    The magic number that makes our coffee full-bodied, aromatic and, of course, dark.
    There are a thousand and one ways to roast coffee.
    Longer and shorter roasting times; everything can affect the final taste and it is the know-how of our Master Roasters that makes all the difference.

What's next? The coffee will be cooled and then blended according to our exclusive recipe that makes the most of each of the beans we have imported. All you have to do is order from our online shop and enjoy!