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Which grind of coffee is right for you?

To have the best coffee possible, good roasting is essential, but another very important factor is having the right grind for your machine! The right grind will allow you to obtain the best possible extraction, and therefore the best result in your cup!

To keep your coffee as fresh as possible, we advise you to buy your coffee in beans and to grind it as and when you need it.

Indeed, once ground, the coffee loses its freshness and its aromas in just a week, while with a well-preserved bean coffee you can go up to three weeks.

The size of the grind determines the resistance offered to the water that infuses the coffee. Depending on the grind chosen, the water passes more or less easily and therefore more or less quickly through the coffee. Grinding too coarse will give you coffee that lacks flavor, while grinding too fine will result in very strong coffee.

What are the different versions?

- Extra fine grinding: similar to flour.
This grind is used for the preparation of Turkish coffee.

- Fine grinding: looks like fine salt.
This is the grind for espresso. It must offer resistance to water which is applied with high pressure.

- Average grind: comparable to sugar.
It is ideal for filter coffee makers and V60s, or Italian coffee makers. It is also suitable for Aeropress, French press, Chemex and reusable capsules.

- Coarse or thick grinding, similar to coarse salt.
It is suitable for French press such as French Press, or even for cold coffee infused with a Hario bottle for example.

How do you know if you have the right grind?

To find out, you can observe the flow speed of your coffee in espresso machines or manual infusions.
If your coffee flows too slowly or on the contrary too quickly when you have put in the right amount of coffee, there is a problem.

In short, if your coffee:

- runs too slowly, the grind is too fine, or the quantity of coffee must be reduced.
- runs too quickly, the grind is too coarse, or the quantity of coffee must be increased.
- is too bitter, it is necessary to use a coarser grind.
- is too acidic, it is necessary to use a finer grind.
- is too strong, the quantity of coffee must be reduced
- is too soft, it means increasing the quantity of coffee