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Who we are ?

“We want to bring dark coffee back to your favorite cup.”

easy coffee, which we can prepare in our favorite Chemex, or in espresso to make a beautiful, rich and creamy cappuccino.

A taste that maintains consistency, so that each cup is just as delicious than the previous one.

Café Foncé also makes a point of promoting coffee producers who are passionate about their product, often harvested on a human scale and under very high quality scales.

Our mission

Café Foncé is an independent coffee brand that stands out for its taste reminiscent of the first coffees served in Quebec. A strong coffee, which wakes you up, which packs a punch!

How to taste it


Café Foncé was created for strong coffee and espresso fans. Its thick and smooth crema lends itself easily to latte art , so take out your pitcher and your and get creative !

How to taste it

Filter coffee

Dark, full-bodied coffees are absolutely delicious in filter coffee. Dark or with a dash of milk, with or without sugar, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day!

The roasting steps.


  • Step 1 - The search for the perfect grain

    The search for the perfect grain. For good coffee, you need good beans.
    For exceptional coffee, we look for the best beans and create a balanced blend that will appeal to fans of locally roasted coffee.
    We talk to the producers, the real humans behind the product who use methods that are respectful of the environment and workers.

  • Step 2 - Routing

    The green grain is sent by boat, previously dried in its place of origin.
    Our team will collect it at the drop-off point and the adventure begins.
    The product will be weighed, analyzed then prepared for cooking in the roaster.

  • Step 3 - Roasting (the fun begins!)

    Cooking of the grains begins. This is a key step in cooking the coffee beans that are still green and tasteless, until they obtain a beautiful dark brown color.
    Roasting is a chemical process that generates different significant reactions. for the grain.
    We start with a green grain, then yellowing occurs: the grain then becomes more yellowish and the aromas begin to emerge.

  • Step 4 - The first crackle (our favorite moment!)

    The grain becomes drier, browner and we hear a very satisfying little crack. Another key moment in roasting.
    This means that most of the moisture has come out of the bean.
    Coffee could be enjoyed at this time of roasting, but at Café Foncé we prefer heat it up to a higher temperature. We love a dark roast.

  • Step 5 - 223˚C

    The magic number that makes our coffee strong, aromatic and of course dark.
    There are a thousand and one ways to roast coffee.
    Longer, shorter cooking; everything can affect the final taste and it is the know-how of our Master Roasters that makes all the difference.

  • Step 6 - The FINAL

    Then? The coffee will be cooled and then mixed according to our exclusive recipe that knows how to get the best out of each of the beans that we have imported. All you have to do is order from our online store and taste!