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Café Foncé

The Dark


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907g = 50 ☕
454g = 25 ☕
340g = 18 ☕

Café Foncé is a blend of three kinds of beans:

  • Sumatra : known to be a rather aromatic bean, it knows how to take its place by having a full-bodied and chocolaty taste.
  • Ethiopian : this bean, which stands out for its acidity and fruity taste, adds a softer touch to our blend.
  • Colombian : the base of the Dark Coffee, this bean brings consistency and body to our recipe, for a thicker crema that will please all the fanatics of latte-art.

We made this coffee for you, the unpretentious coffee lover who just wants to drink his cup in the morning before going to work.

For the "lovers" of latte-art who've been practicing at their espresso machine at home since the lockdown began.

But also for the purists who want perfect extraction of the beans and who proudly take their Chemex out on the counter to impress their Instagram followers .

Basically, a coffee that everyone likes. Even Grandpa Roger, who's been drinking his black coffee since the 1930s.

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The Dark